How to survive your first year in college

As a new college student, you may be living many events and experiences that you are not familiar with and that are part of growing up. Here are five tips on how to survive your first year in

firstyear college

Tips for foreigners applying to US colleges

Getting admitted to college is a very tricky game. Applicants must be proactive and know the rules inside out which makes particularly tough for students from other countries to apply. Here are five tips for international students applying


Five tips for applying to college

It is your last year in high school and you are preparing for your next steps. Applying to colleges brings up a lot of excitement and challenges at once. Here are a few tips to help you ace


Tips for applying to college – part 2

Applying to college can be a very challenging experience but there are many things you can do to make sure your application stands out among others. Choose a college you love If you can it is


Tips for applying to a scholarship

With tuition becoming increasingly more expensive and college education less affordable, there is increased demand for scholarships that are now tightening the rules for who they can be awarded. Here are four tips that will help you complete

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Tips for dealing with homesickness in freshman year

Freshman year can be a challenging experience for many students who will be experiencing a lot of changes with a different learning environment at college, moving out from home and relying more and more on themselves. Many freshman